Ultimate source of Directory Submission list

Directory submission is one of the best strategies we have in Search engine optimization. As per google link building guideline directory submission is major factor that matters for improving search engine ranking.

Directory websites are link gathering systems that collect the submission from directory owners and list the directories in the relevant categories. You can browse these categories to find industry related websites.

Finding directory sites will be difficult job. Also filtering the relevant directories may take more time.

To save your time we have found some of the best directory database which has filtered list with directory page rank, approval rate and the quality rating.


These directory database websites update their listing pages every day.

Let’s see the sites and their features.

Directorycritic : The website updates directory database every day. You will find several new directories listed in the category. The amazing thing is they will give you the directory type that shows you whether the directory is free or paid. So you will not waste your time in submission.

The list is nicely distributed in proper category. You will see the date the directory is updated on the website. Pts rating is mentioned on each directory.

Directorycritic claims they have more than 3,375 directories listed on their website.

Vmoptions : The vmoptions is oldest web directory listing website on the web. They have maintained the directory database very well. One of the features we like about this website is, they have listed the directory in proper order as per page rank of the directories.

You do not need to check page rank of the website before submitting. Normally when you do directory submission the first thing you have to do is checking the page rank of the site. Page rank ensures the quality of the directory.

This will save your time and you can instantly start posting the content on the directory.

Directoriesdatabase: The quality is most important factor in directory submission. You must submit your website in good quality directories to generate backlinks. Some time it doesn’t matter whether the web directory has good page rank or not. The site may give you good return in long run. The important part is the website domain authority.

Directorydatabase website checks each and every submission strictly. They don’t accept low quality submissions. Like other directories you can see the date the directory is added on the page.

9dir : The website allow you to rate the directory as per your experience. You can get the alexa ranking of the directory to see how the particular directory is performing on the global scale.

The listing page also shows you the page rank of the directory if you still consider it as ranking factor.

You can check the index pages of each directory. The indexed pages are essential to understand how website id doing in Google search.

Website with high number of index pages gives you an idea that directory is having high popularity in the region.

web-directories : The web-directories claims that they have more than 20000 directories listed on their website. The directories are categorised in general, niche, regional and languages type.

You can visit appropriate category to find your industry related directories for submission. You will find all types of web directories on the website.

Other than directories they have also listed article directories, forums, blogs, podcast submission sites and press release sites.

Backlink generates visibility for your website. To rank high in the search engine like Google, backlink is the key to reach your goal. Have some good quality links and rank high.

Let us know your comments in the comment box.

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We believe the best person who understand your business is your customers. Their suggestion will lead you on the path of great success.

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Spam Free Comment Box

Spamming is the big deal this days. To avoid the spam on our website we chose the comment application that delivers the best result. We have integrated disqus comment which comes with many advanced features such as people can post the comment without login as a guest, they can use their social profile login to post the comment, or they can register themselves instantly on the comment section. It is very simple and easy to use.

Comment box

Each comment comes for the approval before it gets live on the page. This avoids spam comments on the page. We have complete control over the comment section. If we receives any comment that is not genuine then it is deleted instantly.

Disqus moderation systems filters the users on the basis of their past record. If the use has bad record in posting comment then it is automatically get rejected. This saves lots of time in reviewing each comment individually.

The comment section helps users to interact with the website owner. Anyone can share their thoughts on the listing page. The owner of the website can reply to the user comment on the post.

We believe the active comment section will increase the trust of your customers and they will feel secure when they are purchasing your product.