Professional Wholesale PU Leather

Today’s market has witnessed the preference of many customers for imitation leather products, which is why the demand for this raw material has also increased, which is definitely an indispensable ingredient in the creation of leather goods.

Wholesale Yan Chuang Pu Leather:

PU leather or imitation leather products are currently very popular in the market, but finding wholesale PU leather sources is not at all easy. In order to have a good source of raw materials, we should look for big brands that have been operating in this industry for many years, such as Yan Chuang.

Yan Chuang Leather Co., Ltd. is one of the units established in 2012, now we are specialized in supplying, distributing, and wholesale all kinds of Pu leather, imitation leather, a first-class manufacturing enterprise in the country. An assured source of the highest quality leather, rigorously tested and suitable for the majority of production in many of today’s products.

The types of leather materials Yan Chuang currently offers:

Yan Chuang brings customers the source of the highest quality Wholesale Pu Leather, We offer a full range of skin types such as:

PU leather: This is a kind of artificial leather material, which is the closest to real leather today, they are characterized by high elasticity, flexibility, durability, smooth surface for long-term use, and easy storage.

PVC imitation leather: PVC is a type of artificial leather, also known as faux leather, that goes through each stage of processing to create texture on the surface and stains. PVC leather is low in cost and meets the production needs of various industries. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and has a variety of colors. It does not depend on color like genuine leather.

Yan Chuang is committed to wholesale Pu leather with clear origin and strict quality control.
We provide you with wholesale high-quality leather at competitive prices.
Support the national transportation and distribution of enterprises.
Receiving and supplying a wide range of leathers in bulk for all garment manufacturing industries today.
Our team of consultants provides ongoing support and is ready to provide you with a service quote 24/7.

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