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Get Listed in : MD Directory ~ Referral Program

In our Referral Program you can earn 50% commission on each sale that you make by referring Premium listing of mddir.com to your friends or family members. The price of premium directory listing is $9. You get flat 50% commission on $9 sale.

Payment Term:

The commission will be paid through PayPal. You must have PayPal id to receive the payment. The payment will be sent to your PayPal account after 7 days of listing.

How to Start?

To begin earning, you just have to recommend Mddir’s Premium Listing to your friend or family member. Once they purchase the premium listing, you have to fill the below form. We ask these details for verification purpose. Our verification process takes maximum 24-48 hours to complete. Once the listing is approved by our editor, we will inform you about the payment.

Our editor team makes sure that our each referral program member receives their commission as fastest as possible.

Whom to contact?

You can contact our referral program editor at [email protected] for any query.


1] Refer Mddir Primium Listing to your friend.
2] He/She Purchase the Listing.
3] You send us the following details to our email id [email protected]

- Your Name :
- Email id :
- Paypal Id :
- Referral Website Url :

4] Our Editor Verifies it.
5] You receive the Payment.

  • Paypal verified adword verified  Trusted verified 2co verified