Your quick and simple guide on IVF and IUI treatment procedures!

Your quick and simple guide on IVF and IUI treatment procedures!

Starting a happy family with a healthy kid is a gift of life. Only females are blessed with a wonderful deed of reproduction. 1 in 10 females in the world are diagnosed with Infertility. When all the attempts go in vain the ivf treatment is tried and safe method to get a biological child. If you are considering going for these treatments, then here is the guide that will help you to understand better about steps and other vital information you need to know before visiting doctor.

IVF treatment steps

IVF is quotient of 5 necessary steps:-

  1. Stimulating processes: – Each menstrual cycle, one egg is produced in a normal way in the female body. But in the processes of IVF, there are multiple eggs required. Usage of multiple eggs is done to develop a viable embryo. In process of IVF treatments; the experts will provide you fertility drugs to ensure that number count of the egg production increases. In order to keep closes monitoring and production of eggs and retrieval of them, an ultrasound and regular blood test will be performed on the patient.
  2. Egg retrieval: – In medical terms, this process is also known as follicular aspiration. Usually performed with anesthesia it is a few minutes surgical procedure. With the help of ultrasound wand and followed by a needle through the vagina then enters ovaries and then reaches the egg-containing follicle. The needle used here is for suction of eggs and fluid out each follicle.
  3. Insemination processes: – In this process, a male partner or donor is asked to give a semen sample. Mixing of the eggs and sperm is done in a laboratory in a petri dish. In this step, the embryologist will check on the production of embryos.  
  4. Embryo Culture: – A complete monitoring on fertilization of eggs is done here. Experts here check that eggs are dividing and developing.
  5. Transfer: – Implantation could be commenced when embryos are big enough. Normal occurrence takes place after three to five days of fertilization. In order to do successful execution a very thin tube known as a catheter is inserted in a vagina, passing your cervix and uterus. Realizing an embryo in a uterus is done by the doctors.

In the uterine wall when the embryo gets implanted pregnancy occurs. Average time estimated is 6-10 days. A blood test can be done to check if Person is pregnant or not.

IUI treatmentcan also be suggested if the male partner is facing the problem of less sperm count or issues with sperm motility. Even if the female has a good amount of healthy eggs then doctors might instruct you to go for IUI treatment. Compared to IVF treatments the IUI treatments do have lesser procedure.  In uterus of patient the prepared sperm is directly placed during the tenure of ovulation. This process is generally carried out during woman’s natural cycle or during fertility medications.

Cost is also relatively lesser of IUI treatment but the call is only taken after diagnosis. The final decision of this can only be done by the reputed doctors and depending on your medical conditions too. 

Both male and female may face infertility but this could be cured without any prolonged delays and discussing things openly with your doctor. In order to gain success in the first attempts of IVF you should follow active lifestyle regime and keep a balanced control on your weight too.

Doctors do understand that it’s your first time in IVF treatments and definitely pertaining to the same you may have doubts, keeping a note on the question will help to clear the air when your appointment is scheduled. Right from your first day of meeting doctor, the medical history should be completely explained. A seamless conversation or explaining problems will even help in bringing the better practical solutions.