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How Important Is Scripted Video In SEO

Date Added: March 29, 2016 03:52:28 PM
Author: admin
Category: Computers
One of the strong points of Google has been its ability to focus on user experience and thereby help users find exactly what they have been searching for. This search giant has always appreciated the impact of videos on the internet users. Google acquisition of YouTube should tell us how much Google valued online videos and how well it has understood the growing demand for online videos among the internet users. Google   considers videos as one of the most powerful marketing mediums.

When Google originally indexed video files they only looked at them as an Engagement item like images. It was not originally possible for Google to understand or interpret the content of the video files. Google bots were never able to tell whether a particular video was relevant to the theme of the website or relevant to the keywords in the website in any way. To overcome this setback, Google introduced a technology that can read even the videos. Once this was possible, the value of this Engagement item has increased tremendously in the eyes of Google. This search giant, which always paid special attention to user experience no wonder gave special importance to videos. Online videos enhanced the user experience and at the same time they improved the significance of relevant content. Using pertinent Engagement items including videos accompanied by relevant keyword rich script will certainly boost your website’s search engine ranking and put your website on top of the competition. 
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