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The websites that are having information about science or they are in the business of selling / purchasing science related stuff can be posted here.


The study of science has created many doctors, scientists, researchers, dentists, pharmacists, etc. These people are gifts from God who have studied hard for 3-5 years in the university, passed exams and finally come out to serve the nation. Usually, you can find these people in the online directory where you can check out their qualifications, degrees and the year they graduated. You can also type in a name and click on search button in the online directory to find your favorite doctor or dentist quickly.

Many Branches of Science

There are many branches of science that you can specialize in. From space exploration to deep underwater marine life and medicine to heal sick people, many young students study science for a better future. And the science subjects in 'O' Level exams are Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Sometimes we need to study all three to be an all rounded science student. The study of Biology includes reproductive systems, enzymes, the study of plants and the animal kingdom, photosynthesis by plants to make food from the sun light and oxygen. Physics involve the dynamics of movement, kinetic energy, polarized light, etc. Chemistry involves the making of ester, alcohol, and chemical bonds. One can also check out the internet directory for the list of topics in each of the science subjects for a better understanding before enrolling your child for the science streams.

Without science, there is no Life

Living involves science everyday. The basic need of water by all living things involves chemical bonding of 2 molecules of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, hence the formula H2O for water. Animals and human beings consume plants like fruits and vegetables where photosynthesis takes place - green plants synthesize their own food with the help of sun light. There are a lot of explanations of such events taking place from the online directory where you can Google around for more information.

Knowledge is Power

The more knowledge we are equipped with, the more learned we become and hence we can serve our nation even better. Doctors and nurses need to constantly read up the latest science discovery in order to better help their patients. Surgeons need to employ the latest surgical techniques that are less invasive with minimal risks. And we can read up all these from the science directory.

Science is for everyone. However, many people who are not involved with science as a profession may feel distant from the topic of science. In reality, science is quite a wide-ranging topic. Nearly everyone can relate with the topic of science, whether or not they understand or are involved in the topic.

In our society, there are many issues of science that apply to everyone. Health, for example, is is a significant area of life which is part of science. To truly understand you health, everyone needs to understand science. If your health is important to you, then the general subject of science should also be important to you. Its important that you research and understand science, and the Internet is a very advantageous resource in this area.

Since science itself can be quite confusing, it can be even more difficult to research and locate quality information on this subject. At Mddir.com, online users can expect to connect with quality websites in the realm of science. Our directory includes websites of various types of science, to meet all your needs in this category. Information listed within the science category of our directory includes: news articles, science resources, encyclopedias, research, and education resources. Even more, our directory attempts to cover all forms of science. You will find information about earth science, health, physics, chemistry, and many other types of science. By using our directory, you can hope to explore all of what the Internet has to offer in the realm of science, even past the confusion.

Mddir hopes to offer you the best on the web, through a wide variety of websites in the science category throughout the web. Our directory includes the quality science websites available on the Internet, and each of our websites have been checked for quality and content. If you are a web master or user that would like having their website listed in our directory, we would be happy to consider any submissions within the science category. Submissions can be sent via the website submission link on the left side of the webpage.

With our reference directory, you can access a plethora of resources to meet your reference needs. In today's busy world, you want to find answers quickly, and our directory of references facilitates your search. Our directory contains specific subcategories to help you refine your search; we will direct you to the most pertinent references, whether you are seeking quick answers or aiming to dig deeper with research. Browse on your own or read on to see what's on offer from our directory!

Whether you are searching for the perfect word or simply want to find the definition of a word you have encountered in your reading, head over to the dictionaries and thesauruses we have tabbed for your use. This, in addition to the style guides available, will help polish any piece of writing. We've also made fact-checking easy, with references such as encyclopedias, world records, and books in our directory. Get important statistics from our reference almanacs. Dig deeper by going into the archives, museums, and libraries--if you need a specific answer, our directory also has an "Ask an Expert" section for your reference. There are also sections on open access resources and on knowledge management for your reference.

To help you better understand the world around you, check out or sections on maps and geography. You may wish to see how the world is politically organized, and you may do so by visiting the sections on flags or parliamentary procedures. The scientific reference is available to provide resources for understanding our planet better, from the atomic level to the astronomic level.

If you want information about the people that have shaped our world, visit the biography references or the section on quotations. The quotations section can help you quote someone verbatim, or show you how someone else aptly expressed a sentiment you are looking to articulate.

A wealth of information from the most reliable and trusted reference sources is waiting to be explored by you. Whatever references you need, our directory will lead you there. It is like having an entire reference library right at your very fingertips!


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