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News directory created for listing your new portal, online news website and other news related stuff.

News Directory

The websites that shares online news can be shared in this category.


With all the information available on the Internet today, it's easy to get lost in a sea of information. The News section allows you to customize your own directory and separate news sources into various categories. That means no more scrolling through news sources you don't need or want. It's faster than a search engine and eliminates the need to find the "right" key word or key word combination. It's a one-stop, one-click trip to all the information you need throughout the day.

Whether you want to settle in with a morning cup of coffee and leisurely read a publication's feature articles, or want to watch a quick news broadcast during your lunch break, the News directory makes is simple to only find options for that specific need. That's because our directory allows you to sort various News Web sites by source and includes categories such as Internet broadcasts, television and even Web blogs.

Alternately, you can organize your News sites by the kind of information you want, ranging from breaking news to current events to opinion and analysis.

The News directory can also be used as a valuable research tool for students and professionals. The Archives category allows you to store older articles on relevant topics while the University and College, Museum and Archives and Journals section will let you access information sites without having to sort through articles that are not peer reviewed or don't meet your requirements.

For many people, the news they can use the most is local. Our Personalized News section allows you to store your local newspaper's electronic edition and the Weather section will ensure that you always have your umbrella when you need it.

Finally, if you need a quick break from a hectic day or are just in the mood for a good laugh, you can even store satirical and humorous news Web sites under their own category as well.

So say goodbye to tedious search engine and key word guesswork. The time you invest in building your own, personalized News directory will save you hours of self-filtering in the future. And you can add or remove as many Web sites as you would like, so you get as much information as you need, but not more.

The rate at which the world moves today is unlike that of any other time period in history. With the advent of instant gratification technologies such as Twitter, Google, and Yahoo we have come accustomed to getting out information as fast as possible. The world of news is no different. Every day thousands of events take place in counties, cities, and states all across the country and world. Unfortunately however this information is not always easy to find, regardless of how fast we might be able to get it. What does that mean? Well in reality it is true that we are able to gather information faster than ever before, as it is created faster than ever before. However the validity of that information is not always guaranteed and therefore it is up to us to seek out, and play around with the information that is actually valid, that will actually help us to achieve something. That is where All in One Dir.com comes into play.

You see websites such as Google and Yahoo give predetermined precedence to websites which rank highest in their search engines. While this is a valid practice it does not guarantee that the information that we receive from those websites will be of the highest quality for a particular topic. In fact the best information may not be ranked at all in Google or Yahoo, instead it is in a directory such as All in One Dir.

The news directory at All in One Dir, encompasses a wide variety of websites which deliver news to its user about what is happening in the world. These websites are not your everyday Cnn or New York Times, rather these are websites written by the people for the people. If you search within the news directory you will find a multitude of listings surrounding various topics ranging from county government in New York news, all the way up to things such as World Politic news.

Whatever it is that you may be searching for, the news directory at All in One Dir is guaranteed relevant to the niche, and up to date.


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