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Home is a place created for living. It is used as residence for individual, household or family. People live together at home to protect themselves from environmental threat. Living in home gives peoples their permanent identity as well as security by living in community.

Home Directory

In this category you can post the information related to the home. The category is created for sharing valuable information about your home, websites that shares information about home and anything related suitable stuff that can fit in this home directory.

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The home directory is your source for all categories of information about your home, home life, and living your life to the fullest. Work may be what we do to earn a living, but our home is where we live our life, recharge, and seek enjoyment. This directory is a gateway to all the facets of our home needs.

The home directory is divided into two broad categories of topics, the first of which is where to live. There is a section on consumer information (things like home buying scams, mortgage & loan options, and insurance needs), a section on rural living (from the countryside to the exurbs), a nice piece on urban living, and an entire category on the many topics associated with home buying (finding realtors, buying and selling your home, moving, and selecting a new place).

The bulk of the home directory is comprised of the categories having to do with the quality of life once you are in your place. There are many sub-categories of information, everything from gardening (setting up, buying materials, year round care), to entertaining (parties, get-together and planning for events), to cooking. There is quite a bit of information in the home improvement category (finding contractors, do it yourself, tips & hints), emergency preparation (disaster supplies, first aid, strategies for dealing with extreme weather), and domestic services (locating good house cleaning services, landscapers, nannies and handymen). There is also tons of resources designed to provide the latest news, tips and information for all of your home needs.

Finally, there are several family categories such as homemaking, pets (finding good animals, caring and feeding) and even how to start and run a home business. There is an interesting category on personal finances, along with one on shopping and personal organization (everything from cleaning out a garage to organizing important papers).

The home directory is your road map to everything having to do with establishing, building and enjoying your life where you chose to live. Home is the place where we are most comfortable and safe and the home directory serves as your bridge to all possible categories related to this topic.


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The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" has real meaning today. Millions are satisfied that the threat of danger from the fumes emitted from these cleaning agents goes away when the smell goes away.

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If You Love Your Home Then Show It The Love

A home is a very personal place. It is where your best memories are made with your spouse, children, friends and family members. We spend hours pouring through magazines and websites looking for the perfect piece to place in each room.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for a Massive Family Gathering

If you live in a summer climate and you have a nice house, then you will know that your house is the center. This means that in the summer, all of your family gathers at your house.

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