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Art is part of human activities. It is expressed in images, objects and the way of actions. The creative arts are most considerable by people because to create them the person must have deep inside of the creation. It is based on imagination of the person who is producing the art. Drawing a painting, sculpture, beautiful photography is the one of the source of art you normally see nearby you. Some other arts e.g. Music, theatre, film, dance are known as the performing arts. It requires interaction of the subject and people surrounding you. From many centuries humans are using art as a conductor to express their love, motion, imagination power to the world.

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Art takes our normal everyday existence and turns it into a life of joy and enrichment. There are so many things that enliven our thoughts. Everything from the classical arts like literature and humanities, to the pop arts like animation, comics, and design. Culture in the form of performing arts like movies, television, and theater. And the finer arts like history, education and museums.

The arts directory is also a resource for those creating and participating in the development of art. Sections on graphic design (everything from fans, to samples to learning), architecture (historical vs. modern, clients vs. designers, form vs. function), visual arts (cartooning, design, technical proficiency), technical writing (finding gigs and finding resources), typography and writers resources categorized for easy search. Professional sections on video (homemade, professional, careers), rhetoric, photography (amateur, professional, film vs. digital), and organizations for those seeking important resources. And lastly, sections on arts education, and ethnic & gender studies.

Popular sections include divisions on body art (from tattoos to piercings), and participatory sections like forums, blogs, and chat areas to form communities of like interested individuals in the pursuit of their artistic bent.

A directory of the arts would be incomplete without including sections on consumers of art. A major section on comedy (movies, television, theater, radio), literature (classical, novels, short stories, and poetry), art listings (museums, shows and galleries).

A robust section on antiques. Everything from furniture & jewelry, to shops and store and other places to purchase items, to techniques and sites for finding and restoring old items.

Finally, there is a section of work divided by genre. Your search may begin with something as simple as 'horror' or 'comedy' or 'western' and a world of possibilities is introduced from this major topic. Art is often divided by period and this directory cross-references with the recognized historical periods

The arts directory is a collection of cross-functional categories for everything one could possibly want in their artistic pursuit. Whether as a creative force, a fan or anything in between, the arts directory has the major categories of interest followed by subdivisions of like interest.

Are you looking for a simpler, more convenient way to conduct business, read great literature, prepare for exams, or gather data for a term paper? Welcome to arts directory- a directory of Internet sites with resources to help you quickly and easily satisfy your research and information needs.

Without leaving home, you can use the power of the Internet to easily locate real and virtual art libraries around the world. For anyone with an Internet connection, a wealth of authoritative online depositories of information await, including downloadable e-books, audiobooks, and videos, archived and current newspaper articles from regional and local weeklies and dailies, magazine and journal articles, and great literature in downloadable formats. Our online art directory takes the guesswork out of where to find the best online ready reference information, homework research aids, and leisure reading.

While it's still commonplace to visit your local public library to borrow the latest bestseller, today, with art directory, you can avail yourself of a wealth of library services while sitting in front of your home or office computer. Quickly and easily search for, request, borrow or buy both physical and virtual books, magazines, music and videos.


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What Is Art

The majority of people, if asked "what is art?" would typically answer a "painting" or a "sculpture".

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