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Need new domain

Date Added: March 29, 2016 03:54:06 PM
Author: admin
Category: Computers
Hi,  About the year ago I have started my website but that time I have not consider any particular domain   name and created that site with the general domain name. As I haven’t used my any keyword in the   domain name. Due to all these things I am unable to get the better rank for my website in the search   engines. As I get the 9th rank as my best result so far in the ranking with my targeted keyword. But   this result doesn't stay there for too long as it is there only around for two weeks only. So I have   decided to   purchase the brand new domain name with target keyword in it. So I just want to ask you   that can this will move all my SEO benefits to new domain or I have to just do all these things for the   new domain also? Any help will be appreciated.
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