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A Glimpse at How Bullies Lower a Kid's Self-Esteem

Date Added: March 16, 2014 09:48:57 AM
Author: admin
Category: Kids and Teens

No parent would ever wish for their kids to become victims of bullying, or be bullies themselves. Unfortunately, even the seemingly harmless experience of witnessing bullying may lead your kid to become traumatized. This is something that you won't want your child to experience. All parents would like kids to enjoy their childhood years and live as normally as possible. One reason why this is something that every parent should see to is that bullying does have a long-lasting effect, particularly on a child's self-esteem.

What are the Self-Esteem-Related Consequences of Bullying?

Several factors can lead to lowered self-esteem as a result of bullying. Take a look at some consequences known to develop due to bullying, which could significantly lower a child's self-esteem:

• Isolation from Family and Friends

Constant taunting will make the bullying victim believe that what his or her bully says is true. This will develop social issues that might cause the kid to deliberately be isolated from family and friends. The kid might stop attending social gatherings or even stop going outside the house because of the feeling that no one would want to spend time with him or her. When low self-esteem develops, there's even a tendency for the child to lock himself or herself up in the bedroom all day.

• Growing Up Fearful and Full of Shame

Life will be bounded by fear for someone who is constantly bullied. Every action the victim makes will end up with a feeling of shame. They will not have the courage to try new activities since they automatically assume that things will simply end up as a failed endeavor. With the feeling of fear and shame comes lower self-esteem, leading to a child who cannot handle new situations coming his or her way.

• Depression

When a child becomes depressed as a result of bullying, he or she tends to lose hope. When this happens, kids will not be able to feel good about themselves, or realize the good parts of their lives. When they don't feel positive about themselves and their abilities, they are bound to feel unworthy of whatever task is assign to them.

• Suicidal Tendencies

Extreme bullying may even lead to the child's desire to take his or her own life. This resulting action is because the child's self-esteem dropped significantly as a result of bullying. Studies show that boys who were bullied are more likely to be suicidal as compared to girls who were victims of bullying. Boys who were victims of bullying would have a self-esteem level that's eight times lower than those who were not bullied. As for girls, the self-esteem drop is about four times.

Bullying is not just any ordinary act that a growing kid might experience during childhood. It is a dangerous precedent that could affect the total well-being of an individual. The dire effects of bullying does not end up when a child grows up, but can extend to what the individual becomes once grown up. More often than not, the result is an individual with low self-esteem who is not ready to face the challenges of daily life, and the world in general.

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